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Limoni Šik's story

The story of Limoni Šik was born out of a pure love for one of the best known drinks, limoncello, originating from Southern Italy. It is made of a lemon species that grows on the coast of Amalfi, south of Napoli. And this is where fruits filling our bottles originate.

When Luka Šik visited Sorrento years ago, he was overcame by the taste of this liquor, which you will be absolutely offered after a meal in Italy. He returned home with a bag of Sfusato Amalfitano lemons, which have a protected designation of origin. He was determined to try to make this drink on his own. His first attempt was unsuccessful.

It actually didn’t happen at all as the fruit didn’t survive a long travel home in the middle of hot summer. However, the love for this dense, almost fluorescently yellow, aromatic drink was stronger – mixed with perseverance and a bit of pride. He looked for a local supplier of lemons from the coast of Amalfi and tried again. The result was encouraging and home supplies were soon gone along with loud approvals of friends and relatives. Meanwhile he also experimented with different techniques and ingredients, and finally discovered a right balance that gives the Limoni Šik an identifiable taste.


Experience authentic citrus flavors in selected liqueurs by our hardworking hands


On colder days, we will warm our hearts with a new taste, a winning combination of lemon and ginger, which will protect us from bad moods and more. New Šik brews already in our warehouse.

Šik's lemon liqueur

The lemon liqueur is made exclusively from unsprayed lemons from the Amalfi Coast. This type of lemon is larger than those found in our stores, has a significantly thicker skin, is more acidic and has a stronger smell. The fruit is peeled by hand and the peels are immersed in 96 percent agricultural alcohol and left to the maceration process, which lasts 60 days. Add distilled water and sugar and let it rest for another 60 days in a dark and cool place.

Šik's orange liqueur

Oranži is a logical continuation of the story of lemon liqueur. The basic raw material of our younger brother Limoni also comes from southern Italy, specifically from Sicily. The production process is also similar. We use orange peels, naturally untreated with pesticides, which, after the maceration process, delight us with a thick, delicious, orange liqueur, which has 36 vol. % alcohol. Some of our loyal customers even prefer it to lemon.

Šik's melon liqueur

In the hinterland of Slovenian Istria, approximately 400 meters above sea level, in the village of Koromači in the municipality of Koper, delicious melons grow, with which we have enriched our selection of fruit liqueurs. It is also produced using the maceration process, but in this case we do not use the peel, but the fruit or the flesh of the melon. We recommend that you eat it slightly chilled, but not from the freezer.


Art gift box “Creative potential is endless” 3x100ml.
In the time of hugs, kisses, and endless human warmth, Madam Limonina will delight everyone who admires the most delicious essences of lemons, oranges, melons and watermelons in artistic, unique boxes.

Šik's watermelon liqueur

When the soft Istrian landscape, Mediterranean climate and love for fertile land come together, Lubi is created, a unique alcoholic drink with the taste of watermelon. We picked them just ripe in the village of Koromači, in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria, where they have been raised by the hardworking hands of the Boškin family for decades. Lubi has a delicate but strong taste of fresh watermelon, the kind that is best enjoyed in the summer months.

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Send us an offer to kristina.sik@limoni.si or luka.sik@limoni.si and we will try to come to an agreement with our combined efforts.

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All orders placed before 4 p.m. will be delivered to you the next working day. Orders placed after 4 p.m. will be delivered to you within two working days at the latest.

Of course, write to kristina.sik@limoni.si or luka.sik@limoni.si. Call us Kristina Šik 031 343 083 or Luka Šik 031 301 051.

We do not need to send you a certificate. If you settled the amount in the morning, the transfer will appear on time in our bank account and the package will be sent the same day.

where can you buy our products?

You can buy our products in various places in Slovenia.

Opinions of our customers

Share with us your opinion about Limoni Šik

“LIMONI is quite strong, it really tastes like lemon, the taste stays in the mouth for a long time, it warms you up. ORANGE was praised by men and women, it is refreshing – especially in summer, they did not mix it with any other drink. We tried MELON with my daughter-in-law. It is more sweet, less strong, characteristics of a liqueur.”

Darinka Mareš

Dear Limonina, you have a wonderful write-up, an interesting read that makes one run with the description of all these delicacies.

Lucija Prihavec

Drop by drop like propolis. Nice, nice, nice.

Mišo Miljković

Madam Limonina, thank you! It takes notes from near and far, it’s so nice to pass through the clouds and the seasons with you, and the companions run perfectly in Lemon, Orange or Melon form, especially if the company is right. I wish you many inspirations for future records, and the creators of intoxicating concoctions continue to have so much enthusiasm!

Nina Cek

Two beauties are already at home, but now you are working on new and even sweeter flavors – melon and watermelon!

Darya Pytkowjat

Got mini Lemon and Orange today. Kudos for the quick response and even faster delivery.

Jasna Kelenc

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