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Limoni Šik's story

The story of Limoni Šik was born out of a pure love for one of the best known drinks, limoncello, originating from Southern Italy. It is made of a lemon species that grows on the coast of Amalfi, south of Napoli. And this is where fruits filling our bottles originate.

When Luka Šik visited Sorrento years ago, he was overcame by the taste of this liquor, which you will be absolutely offered after a meal in Italy. He returned home with a bag of Sfusato Amalfitano lemons, which have a protected designation of origin. He was determined to try to make this drink on his own. His first attempt was unsuccessful. It actually didn’t happen at all as the fruit didn’t survive a long travel home in the middle of hot summer. However, the love for this dense, almost fluorescently yellow, aromatic drink was stronger – mixed with perseverance and a bit of pride. He looked for a local supplier of lemons from the coast of Amalfi and tried again. The result was encouraging and home supplies were soon gone along with loud approvals of friends and relatives. Meanwhile he also experimented with different techniques and ingredients, and finally discovered a right balance that gives the Limoni Šik an identifiable taste.

Therefore, from the very beginning we produce lemon liqueur from unsprayed lemons from the coast of Amalfi. These lemons are bigger than the lemons in our shops. They have a significantly thicker peel, they are sourer, and have a stronger scent. First, we wash the fruit in order to remove dust collected during almost a thousand kilometres long travel. Then, we manually peel them, and immerse the peels in 96% ethanol (the cleanest ethanol that is used for tinctures in medicine and does not contain methanol). We leave them in the maceration process which takes 60 days. We add distilled water and sugar and leave to rest for next 60 days in a dark and cool place.

We are a boutique family production which is the first in Slovenia registered for production of a lemon liqueur, the real limoncello. However, our desire to meet new things drives us further. Therefore, we added a production of orange liqueur, Oran¾i Šik, and we are already trying new tastes and ingredients. Since we believe in a circular economy and sustainable production, we do not dispose of anything. We transform fruits we peel to use their peel for liqueur production into tasty home-made jams, and surpluses of fruits are taken over by local caterers who use it in their restaurants.

*Production under the defined technological procedure and recipe. External laboratory analysis (NLZOH Novo mesto) for invert sugar and alcohol content. Traceability is enabled by a serial number and quantity of filling.

Product specification is made based on the Rules on specification of agricultural products or foods (Ur. l. RS, No. 28/04, 45/08) with amendments.